What’s New At Walther Arms?

We launched our Great Guns Giveaway contest on November 4th.  Get your chance of winning one of 17 different prizes that we’re giving away between now and Christmas.  View the full details of the contest and get your chance to win:

  • 2 Pistols (PPQ M2 & P22) for 2 winners
  • 2 Tactical rimfire rifles (HK 416 & Colt M4 Ops) with 1 brick of rimfire ammo for 2 winners
  • 9 Bricks (500 rds each) of CCI rimfire ammo for 9 winners
  • 4 gift cards worth $25 each for 4 winners

If you are looking for price quotes on your favorite Walther firearm, or just want to see what’s in stock in your area, start shopping for your next firearm on our Instant Quote page.

Make sure you visit our News page so you can learn about important news and any active contests that are running.

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Why Firearms Training is a Must

Why Firearms Training is a Must

Hi, my name is Jon Hodoway and I am a firearms training junkie. For the last three years I have made my living as owner and professional firearms trainer at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy in Centerton, Arkansas. I am […]

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New Concealed Carry Pistol CCP

Walther CCP Concealed Carry Pistol 
     The all NEW Walther CCP Concealed Carry Pistol is an innovative approach to making a concealed carry pistol that is easy to use while still being comfortable and effective.

View the Press Release on the NRA Blog  (includes images, specs, […]

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Manufacturing Date for Your Gun

Our customer support group gets a lot of different questions.  One that keeps coming up is:
When was my Walther gun made?
It’s easy to determine if you know where to look and know how the date coding is configured.

If you want to know the date […]

Take a look at our PPX Promotion for free accessories (mag, holster, mag pouch) for people who buy a PPX between April 15th and December 31st, 2014.

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