Walther PPQ Contest Winner

Victoria from Lakeland Florida was the winner of the PPQ Giveaway Contest. When I first spoke with her, she asked if it was possible to select a different gun than the PPQ. I wanted to know why she didn’t want the PPQ as her first choice. Turns out that she already has one and then she said this about her PPQ:

The trigger reset on it is phenomenal.

Most people would agree – the trigger is a big selling point for the PPQ.

Walther P99 AS

Walther P99 AS

Victoria is an armed forces veteran, a law enforcement professional, and she shoots competitively. She decided on the P99c AS 9mm because of its concealment form factor, the manual decocking mechanism, and strong shooting performance. That, and she already had a PPQ – that’s one lucky Walther fan.

Click to learn more about the P99

Click to learn more about the Walther PPQ M2.

Our top 20 contest sharers won Walther hats. They were notified the first week of February and all hats were shipped out by February 6th. Thank you all for supporting Walther Arms.

  1. Bart – Redding, California
  2. Bill – Van Buren, Arkansas
  3. Braden – Meridian, Idaho
  4. Brandon – Springfield, Missouri
  5. Clay – Madison, South Dakota
  6. David – Lynchberg, Virginia
  7. Davida – Hastings, Florida
  8. Frank – Snohomish, Washington
  9. Jamie – Fort Smith, Arkansas
  10. Jason – Alma, Arkansas
  11. Jason – Mansfield, Arkansas
  12. Joe – Holt, Michigan
  13. John – Sneillve, Georgia
  14. Jonathan – Littleton, Colorado
  15. Kelli – Bedford, Ohio
  16. Millard – Houston, Texas
  17. Phillip – Fort Smith, Arkansas
  18. Ryan – Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
  19. Scott – Bedford, Ohio
  20. Todd – Conyers, Georgia