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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked.

Product Availability

Where can I find mags for my gun?

You may be able to purchase mags at your local dealer. You can also purchase mags on the online Walther store. ?Note that some restrictions may apply depending on your Local Laws. A magazine you want may be out of stock, not currently produced, or is still in the design or approval process.

Why can’t I find the gun I want?

Due to extremely high demand for some models, you may not be able to find the gun you are seeking. Many dealers will not stock all available Walther models. Search for in-stock guns in your area using our Instant Quote page.

New Firearm Product Launches

What new product is Walther currently working on?

Our formal policy is that we discuss new product launches only on scheduled product launch dates.

When will my favorite gun have a version with my favorite ammo caliber?

Any new product introductions are announced on their launch dates.

Product Availability By State

Can I buy a Walther <model> in my state?

Possibly. Different states have different restrictions on guns and magazines. Check our Firearm Restrictions by State page to see if your firearm is restricted where you are at.

Why is there no rimfire (.22) ammo available?

In 2013 and in early 2014, demand was higher than the amount manufacturers could supply. Many stores do have rimfire ammo, but it is in smaller limited quantities and not always in stock. View this American Rifleman article about ammo to learn more.

Where to Buy

Where can I buy a Walther <model>?

Try a local dealer. Depending on your location, some models may not be available due to legal restrictions in your state. View guns in stock in your location using our Instant Quote page.

Where Can I Buy .22 Ammo?

Try your local dealer or sporting goods store first. Ask them for recommendations on buying times and shipments if they are currently out of stock.

Buying Directly With Walther

Can I buy a gun directly from Walther Arms?

No, we do not sell directly to consumers. We ship our guns to distributors who ship to dealers. However, you can find a dealer online or even check who currently has your next gun in stock using our Instant Quote page.

Can I buy mags and other accessories directly from Walther?

Yes, we offer some of our magazines and accessories in our online Walther store. Some items may not be available or may not be eligible for shipping to your location.