Grip & Trigger.

The Walther Shooting Team competes in USPSA, IDPA, and Multi-Gun Events.

Hwansik Kim

Hwansik 'Chic' Kim grew up in South Korea and moved to Washington state 5 years ago. He was introduced to pistol shooting and practical shooting competitions in 2014. Chic immediately fell in love and decided that he would train with the goal to become an IPSC world champion. He really enjoys shooting the Walther PPQ Q5 Match. "I like how it is capable of shooting both iron sights and optic sights. I also like the slide cuts, the trigger with a crisp break and positive reset, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight makes the gun competition ready from the factory."

Loren Pendergrass

I’m Loren Pendergrass and I grew up in Muldrow,OK and I currently live in Barling, AR. Through my school years, I played several different sports, but it wasn’t until my early adult years that I became interested in shooting. After trying several different shooting sports I stumbled across USPSA and quickly became addicted. Since joining USPSA in 2012, I have since earned master class status in production division. I hope to achieve grandmaster status in 2017 using my Walther Q5 Match. The Q5 is the best out of the box production or carry optics gun on the market due to its awesome trigger, sights, and ergonomics. I am excited to be part of the Walther shooting team and look forward to a busy year of shooting.

Michelle Waldran

Michelle Waldran was born in Seoul, Korea but calls Tulsa, Oklahoma her home town. Michelle wanted to be more proficient with a handgun for self protection in the beginning. This interest quickly became her passion when she took an advanced handgun class from TDSA. After several classes, Michelle knew she wanted to help and encourage other women to be more comfortable around firearms. This lead her to become a handgun instructor. "I discovered 3 Gun in the fall of 2013 when I went to the gun range as a spectator. That is where I met two professional shooters, Taran Butler and Diana Liedorff Muller who encouraged me to try it out. After watching several matches and seeing the comradery between the shooters. I wanted to be part of this amazing community. I fell in love with the Walther PPQ the minute I wrapped my petite hands around the ergonomic grips. I also noticed that I can reach the magazine release button without having to break up my grip. This is a huge deal for me, especially in competition when every second counts. No other full size handgun was able to deliver this feature. Now that I found my perfect handgun, I hope to continually improve my game!"

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson lives in the Houston, TX area. He has been shooting USPSA and IDPA for about two years.  Daniel has advanced quickly in the sport by spending a lot of time behind the trigger. He feeds off the competitive atmosphere and enjoys pushing himself to perform at the highest level he is capable of at every match. The Q5 Match gives him confidence in knowing it was designed to compete at that same level.

Chris Keller

Chris Keller has enjoyed shooting for as long as he can remember. He didn’t start shooting competitively until a few years ago, a friend of his told him that he should give it a try because he was an accurate shot.  He started competing in IDPA, and quickly realized the dynamics involved and just how difficult it really was.  Chris fell in love with action pistol shooting and has been shooting it ever since, making Master within his first 9 months and now making a transition into competing more in USPSA where he have been shooting Production Master since 2014. "In the six or so years I have been competing, I have made many friends both locally and around the country. First time holding the Walther, I could instantly tell how good the trigger was.  Sight alignment was easy, as it pointed naturally for me, so indexing was easy.  Pistol is 100% reliable, and is extremely comfortable to shoot.  I am confident this is going to be my best year."

Albert Salinas

Albert Salinas is a USPSA Master Class Production shooter and currently competes in USPSA and Steel Challenge. He was born and raised in South Texas and after graduating from college, began his career in law enforcement. Albert began shooting pistols competitively as a chance to get some extra range time and it was at this time he was bitten by the competitive bug. As a career Texas law enforcement officer he as always enjoyed firearms training and competition.

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years. He is a Lieutenant and a 27-year veteran of the Springdale Police Department. Scott is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Class #258. He spent 12 Years on the SWAT team and is a Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor. He also is the owner of "Lewis Security Services and Training LLC" where he helps people become proficient and confident with their firearms in any situation.  When Scott is not out protecting, and training the citizens of NW Arkansas he enjoys shooting IDPA. "Why I love shooting my Walther...  I love the dependability.  All you have to do is feed it.  It keeps running no matter what.  And of course, the GRIP and TRIGGER!!"    

Jennifer Kroll

Jennifer Kroll lives in the Houston TX area and began shooting competitively in 2015. Jennifer loves to shoot because it makes her feel empowered and she's enjoying the training it takes to become a highly skilled competitive shooter. "I absolutely love the Q5 match, shooting it feels incredibly easy and stable. The natural feel of the gun helps make the process of learning new skills seem effortless and exciting!"

Cody Osborn

Cody Osborn is a graduate from Texas A&M University, where he earned a master's degree in education. He lives in Muskogee, OK and shoots USPSA and IDPA competitions across the U.S. Cody picked up competitive shooting in 2013 as a hobby to become more effective with a firearm. The hobby turned into more because of his competitive nature and willingness to learn from those who were better than him. 

Sean Dexter

Sean Dexter is a recently retired Sergeant for the Beverly Hills Police Department where he served in excess of 32 years. In that capacity, Sean performed the duties of Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Crime Suppression Officer-plain clothes, Motor Officer, Rangemaster, Armorer, Canine Handler and Supervisor, SWAT Team Member and Supervisor. Sean is a lifelong shooter but prefers to compete as a 3 Gun Shooter. In fact, Sean began his three gun competing in the early 80’s, competing in the early Soldier of Fortune 3 Gun matches. Sean’s pistol of choice is his Walther PPQ 5” in 9mm. From March through October, Sean travels the country shooting a variety of three gun matches. Sean currently resides in Summerlin, Nevada.

Shooting Team Schedule

  • USPSA Area 3, 08/05/17
  • USPSA Area 8, 08/26/17
  • IPSC World Shoot, 08/27/17-09/03/17
  • Oilfield Classic, 09/02/17
  • USPSA Area 4, 09/09/17
  • USPSA Production Nationals, 09/30/17
  • A Girl With a Gun, 10/05/17
  • USPAS Idaho State, 10/21/17