Walther Club

Not only do Walther owners have the finest firearms in the world, you also have the finest firearms owners club.

The Walther Club is part of the unique experience of owning a fine Walther firearm. Membership is for Walther owners and enthusiasts and includes several attractive benefits. Sign up today for your free membership in the Walther Club.

Exclusive Offers

PPQ-RibbonMembers receive exclusive promotional offers and discounts on products not available to the general public.

One example of a Walther Club offer was in January 2013 when all Walther Club members were automatically entered into a drawing for a Walther PPQ pistol. One of our members, Victoria in Lakeland, Florida, won the Grand Prize!

Free News and Updates

Get free Walther Club updates with tips on defensive shooting, marksmanship, firearms care and safety. Your newsletter will also have exclusive offers for members, as well as news about new products and events.


Members receive notification of any future Walther Club events such as training, workshops and special range days being held in your area.

New product announcements

Walther Club members receive notification of new products weeks or even months before you read about them in firearms magazines.

NOTE: You can sign-up any time you want and you can unsubscribe any time you want.

When you join the Walther Club, you will receive e-mail updates with firearm related news, helpful information, and deals on top quality products from Walther Arms, Inc.

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