Built for life.

Walther is a brand with a long history of innovation.

Walther Performance Design™

Walther Performance Design™ is the art of harnessing the laws of physics into the palm of a shooter.

A Walther feels better, fits better and shoots better.

Traditional firearms design suggests a firearm should be easy to make and easy to sell. We reject this notion. First and foremost, Walther Performance Design demands that a firearm be easy to shoot.

Performance Design is intelligent engineering, developed from the perspective of the shooter. We place a heavy emphasis on superior ergonomics, which we have found produces a firearm that is easier to shoot and more accurate in the hands of its owner. Then we engineer quality, reliability and aesthetics into the design.

The result is a superior firearm that delivers the pinnacle of performance for its user.

A Walther is ergonomically engineered to be an extension of your hand.

There is a reason a Walther feels different. In fact, it is different. Walther Arms literally started a revolution in ergonomic design. A Walther feels better, fits better, and consequently shoots better.

On a Walther, you’ll notice ergonomic grip contours, interchangeable grip backstraps, refined control placement, and the best trigger system on a polymer handgun. These are all industry innovations developed by Walther.

A handgun does not function on its own. You need to hold it, steer it and command it. Your performance will improve because your gun is engineered from a shooter’s perspective first.

Accuracy with a handgun begins with a better understanding of the human hand.

Ever notice how you can hit the target easier with some guns than others? It’s not your imagination. It is the design of the gun.

The gun must feel comfortable. The sights must line up naturally as you bring the gun up to the target. The grip must position the trigger finger correctly. The gun must stay on target while you are pulling the trigger.

For a self-defense pistol, this all happens in an instant; sometimes in a dark room at 2 AM, when you are under more stress than you have ever been in your life.

A gun should not just be accurate. It must be accurate in your hands, under real world conditions. This is a basic element of Walther’s Performance Design philosophy.

There is a reason handguns look so similar. They are borrowing Walther design ideas.

For a long time, polymer handguns had the ergonomics of a block of wood. They were boxy, clumsy and they fit badly. Worse, they had triggers like a tailgate on an old truck.

Walther changed all that. The P99 literally broke the mold on polymer firearm ergonomics with hand-fitting contours, adjustable grips and innovative control placement. It was a difference you could feel in your hand and see on the target in the form of better shooter performance.

Walther has introduced a number of innovations over the years, including better triggers, better grips, mechanical refinements, and new styling trends. Each time, Walther Performance Design concepts eventually show up on other firearms.

As a Walther owner, you can take pride in knowing Walther Performance Design indeed represents the cutting edge in firearms engineering.

A self-defense handgun may someday become the last friend you have. Make sure yours is a Walther.

The first requirement of a defensive handgun is reliability. Seems simple enough. But total reliability, including reliability under the worst circumstances imaginable, requires sophisticated engineering, extensive testing, quality craftsmanship, and superior materials.

Walther’s Performance Design is a culmination of over 130 years of firearms manufacturing. For a defense handgun owner, there is no better peace of mind than when you invest in quality.

A Walther is a statement of excellence.

With firearms, quality refers to the engineering design, the selection of materials, the grade of external finishing, the precision with which moving parts fit together, the polishing work on internal parts, and a host of other considerations.

Quality simply takes longer to build. But quality is worth it, because a fine Walther firearm can serve its owner for a lifetime and then stand ready to be passed on to the next generation.

A fine handgun should be a work of sculpture.

Every Walther firearm has a distinctive, signature look. The classic PPK is a firearm all engineers wished they designed. The P22 revolutionized .22 rimfire handgun design with its tactical styling. The PPQ is setting a new standard for sleek, elegant lines in a handgun.

A Walther handgun fits better and functions better. Not inconsequentially, it looks better, too.

Demand a Walther.

Every Walther firearm is built for superior performance in the hands of its owner. See your retailer and hold a Walther in your hand. You will literally feel the difference Performance Design can make.