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PPS M2 Information Submission

This recall applies ONLY to Walther PPS M2 models which have a Serial Number ranging between AN3020 to AU7502.


Below are the only PPS M2 Serial Numbers involved in this recall.  If your Serial Number is between the numbers below please fill out the form at the bottom to return it for a free upgrade.

*If you are unsure if your Serial Number is involved in the recall, please email: PPSM2Recall@WaltherArms.com

**(For customers outside of the United States please email: RecallPPSM2@Carl-Walther.de)

AN3020 through AN9999

AO0001 through AO9999

AP0001 through AP9999

AQ0001 through AQ9999

AR0001 through AR9999

AS0001 through AS9999

AT0001 through AT9999

AU0001 through AU7502

If your PPS M2 is AN3019 or earlier your handgun is not included in the recall.

If your PPS M2 is AU7503 or later your handgun is not included in the recall. 

*Note: If you are shipping more than 1 x PPS M2 please complete the form once for each gun being returned to avoid any issues with processing.

**Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Fill out my online form.

Please click the submit button above to process your recall. On the confirmation page that follows, please click the PROCESS 2-Day RETURN button to generate the shipping label.

Pop up blockers must be disabled in order to view and print the label.