Walther Eyes Successful Season Signing Sean Dexter

seanFor a second year, Walther Arms, Inc. has perused innovation and excellence through competition shooting with Team Walther. Education through demonstration and interaction is the focus for Walther. Each member seeks to make a connection with consumers, retailers, military and law enforcement at matches, shows and events.

A top tier Police Sergeant for the Beverly Hills Police Department, Sean’s true passion is in the area of firearms, where Sean is often competing at national level 3-Gun matches. In fact, Dexter began his quest on the national 3-Gun level in the early 80’s, when he was competing in the early Soldier of Fortune 3 Gun Matches, and has several top 5 five finishes in various 3-Gun divisions.

Dexter states “I was raised around firearms my entire life. When I was a teenager, I began shooting matches, which later lead me into 3 Gun competitions with the early Soldier of Fortune 3 Gun matches. Currently, I compete in several national level 3 Gun matches and I absolutely love it!! Besides competing in something that I love, the people who also participate are society’s best!” on becoming a Team Walther member, “…so completely humbled and honored to be part of a company whose reputation is so long with history and success. I look forward to continuing on the match circuit along with the continuation of friendships and relationships with my fellow competitors/2nd amendment supporters.”

“It is great to have a strong West-Coast shooter on board,” said Bradley Burgin, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Walther Arms, Inc. and Walther Team Manager “Law enforcement professionalism coupled with his experience and love for shooting, will make Sean a tremendous addition to the team.”

About Walther Arms

Walther has earned the trust of law enforcement professionals, recreational shooters, and athletes through its line of reliable pistols, competition guns and tactical rimfire replicas. Walther Arms manufactures and markets firearms of various calibers ranging from .22 to .45. For more information, visit www.WaltherArms.com