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Manufacturing Date for Your Gun

Our customer support group gets a lot of different questions. One that keeps coming up is:

When was my Walther gun made?

It’s easy to determine if you know where to look and know how the date coding is configured.

If you want to know the date of manufacture, find the letter code on the side of the slide. DE stand for Deutschland (Germany). To the right of the German DE proof mark, there will be two more letters. The 2 character letter code represents the 2-digit year manufacture. The next two letters on the PK380 shown below are BA (B=1, A=0 ) the date of manufacture would be 10 or 2010.

  • A = 0
  • B = 1
  • C = 2
  • D = 3
  • E = 4
  • F = 5
  • G = 6
  • H = 7
  • I/J = 8
  • K = 9


NOTE: The PPK does not use this letter code for manufacturing year.